Choosing a custom birth print for your child's room

How to choose a custom birth print for your child's room

How to choose a custom birth print

Custom birth prints with a child's name and birth details look amazing hanging on a bedroom wall, and are a lovely piece of keepsake art, but picking a design isn’t always the easiest decision to make. Should you go with a classic look? Or be a bit more adventurous and choose a more contemporary design? Should you play it safe with black and white, or go all out with colour? Should you keep it small and simple, or go large? As a keepsake piece of art, a custom birth print is something that stays hanging on the wall for years to come, so it's important to make sure you love it.

Which design should I choose?
I always suggest to start off by looking at the room. Is there a clear colour theme going on? What else is going on in the room? What is it going to be surrounded by? In my son's room we stuck to a fairly minimalist look. He has a simple white cot with timber and white furniture, his walls are a neutral pale beige with black mountain decals, and his other artworks are black and white photo prints. We didn't want to add another colour, and since I love a bold black and white print, we chose the Classic custom birth print for his wall.

If your child’s room is themed around a colour, it's can be a nice idea to stick to that. A coloured birth print that ties in with the other decor in the room is always going to look fitting. All birth prints (in fact, all of our prints) can be fully customised to suit a room. By sending in a photo, a colour match can be made to link your birth print in perfectly with the other furnishings.

Choosing between a classic or contemporary design usually comes down to personal preference. Have a look at other pieces of art in the room, and the prints on soft furnishings - is there a common theme? A contemporary print such as our Boxes design, or the hand drawn Mountains or Flora can look amazingly striking on a wall, but may look out of place if everything else in the room is super traditional. If the walls are pretty bare or it's a big room with plenty of space, a bold striking design can look amazing. If in doubt, or if buying for a gift, a Classic or Script birth print will suit any bedroom decor.

What size birth print should I choose?
Making a choice between a small and large print is a much easier task. First take a look at how much space you have on the wall. Are there other artworks near where you are hanging your print? Do you already have a frame in mind? Are you planning on buying other pieces of art to hang around your print? 

Remember that even if you do choose a smaller print, you can choose a larger size frame with a matting board - this gives your birth print an even greater impact.

If you don't have a lot of space on the wall, don't forget that prints don't always need to be hanging. Art can look just as fantastic propped up on a shelf or a chest of drawers. Just make sure it's out of reach of little hands!

When it comes to framing your print, remember that you don't need to spend a fortune. Getting a birth print framed professionally can look amazing, but it's not a necessity. I buy most of my frames at Kmart, The Warehouse or Briscoes, and I've always found the selection and quality fantastic. It also means that if you want to change the frame in the future, you don't feel so bad about spending more money! 

What details should I include on my custom birth print?
Most custom birth prints will have generally have two names - either first and middle, or first and last, but there's no hard and fast rule. Want a first name only, or a first, middle and last? All birth print designs can be adapted to suit to what you want. The beauty of a custom birth print is that you can make it your own. A time and date of birth is usually added, and often the place of birth. Baby's height and weight at birth is also nice to include. While including most of these details is standard, it's not compulsory.

Got any more questions about a custom birth print, or want a completely customised design for your child? Please send me a message, as I'd love to help out!

And don't forget, there's 15% off all custom birth prints until midnight Friday 9 August 2019. Simply pop the code BIRTHPRINT in at checkout. 

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